Friday, February 29, 2008

Sewing Area

I was going blog hopping today and I noticed people posting photos of their ironing board and work area! Thankfully I had just cleaned off my sewing area last night when my friend came over. Haha, that reminds me - when ever I go around cleaning the house or do all of the dishes (or even if I just get dressed and look nice) my kids ask "is someone coming over?" or "are you going somewhere?" Guess Im that predictable! Anyhow, back to my work space. It was pretty messy yesterday with 3 projects going on at once! It feels nice to have an open clean area again. A messy workspace just turns me away from creating anything.

You cant have a true sewing area without your kitty around! Unfortunately, the only reason Fritz likes to be on my ironing board is so that he can play with the ribbon hanging down from my harlequin masks! Good thing we teach all of our cats/kittens the word no starting at 4 weeks old! Fritz has to have a harsh "NO!" and then he looks at me like "what did I do?". Otherwise, if it's a soft no, he'll keep doing it cause he thinks he's a spoiled kitty :o) which he is - but dont tell him I said so!

I keep the cup on my table for all of my thread ends or little scraps/trimmings of fabric. With a kitty around, you have to keep your work area and floor free from any thread! Dont want the kitties swallowing any - especially any nylon threading I think it is. Ever watch animal rescue shows? Scary!

Im off to make some more ohio star squares! Question, the quilting walls (or whatever they are called) - is that just some batting on the wall or is it something else?

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Libby said...

Hi Chelle - Glad you decided to play along in my silly little game. It has been such fun to see what quilters use for ironing . . .and the abundance of kitties that believe those ironing boards are for them *s*
Don't fear not having enough scraps . . . if left in a container in a closet - they will multiply just like bunnies. Before you know it you'll have more than you know what to do with. I have your name in the hat - only a few hours left until I get to draw a name.