Saturday, February 23, 2008


My first prim doll! Though, she doesnt look too prim to me - she looks too cute to be prim lol. I'll have to do better next time with the prim look :o)

I painted and embroidered the other dolly head the same time I did this one, so I might add more dye to her face, arms, and legs to get her a bit darker. I still want my dollies to look nice, but not too nice!

I've named her ShellieAnn (Shellie for Chelle, and Ann cause she's a raggedy!). Let me know your thoughts on her! I was trying too hard to make each part perfect - perfect lines on her legs, her eyes perfectly round, her nose perfectly stitched, her dress hems finished, etc.

After I was done with her, I realized prim dolls arent supposed to be "perfect". Not horrible either, but a little more on the raggedy side.


Teresa said...

OH, I think she is perfect! I just love her look and you did a great job. Are you going to allow some lucky little girl play with her?

Jules said...

Wow! I think she is just adorable. Well done. Don't change anything. I am not keen on some prim dolls as they are too ugly but yours is very pretty. I love her.