Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello! I am still around! Fighting off another cold. I was in the clear for about 4 days and then I caught a different strand of it :-(

My daughters got me hooked on toontown! I know, a 30 year old woman playing a childs cartoon game! But it is so addicting!! I played it all day yesterday and all day today. There are missions to complete and things to buy for yourself or for gifts for others using jelly beans to pay for it all. So, I've been caught up in that!

I have 2 purses 3/4 done on my sewing table, with matching zip up pouches in the works and all I can do all day is play an online game. It really is relaxing actually - especially since I've been sick and coughing my lungs out and cant breath out of my nose.

If anyone wants to check it out and join me LOL let me know! :-)

My husband and I just watched a launch go off here from Vandenberg Air Force Base - a Atlas V launch. At 3 am in the morning, it was awesome to watch! I've seen many launches in the 4 1/2 years we've been here, but we actually watched one where it was dark enough and where we were actually awake to go outside to see it. There have been launches in the dark before, but we have always been in bed and no way were we going to get up and out of bed just to watch a launch.

But I have to tell you, my husband and I just stood there watching the twinkle of the light from the launch go up into space. Up and up and up for over a minute - and then we saw it break apart (the engine that sent it up) and it was awesome to see the second burst of flame coming from it as it boost it up again.

Very pretty and I wish I would have grabbed my camera on the way out the door, but it probably wouldnt have focused very well anyways.

If you ever get the opportunity to watch a launch in the dark, I would highly recommend it. Especially when all the stars are out and you can see the stars with the launch and the twinkle of light and flame burst.

Well at 3:30 in the morning, it's time for me to head to bed! Poor hubby will only get 4 hours of sleep before getting up and running 3 miles before work. He works in Space System Operations with satellites and missiles - too cool :-)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Too many ideas!!

I have so many sewing ideas and not enough time in the day! I havent even finished one quilt yet and already Im thinking about more dolls, and even quilted purses/bags!

Im going to be starting my first bag tonight after I check out the fabric store, and yet while I wait to go I want to create another doll. But I have a dilemma - I cant seem to get off the internet!

Priorities Chelle LOL

Monday, March 3, 2008

It works!

After Joanna's suggestion of using a table cloth (the vinyl ones with the fuzzy backing), I pulled my table cloth out of the drawer that I had bought for like $2, pinned it to my wall, and put my squares on it. They've been there for 2 hours now and they havent fallen off once!!

Thank you girl!!

Ok I Get It

After doing a google search for quilting wall and finding nothing, I went back to Barbara's blog to see what she called it. OH! It's a design wall! Makes sense :o) So I googled design walls and read some websites on it.

I see that you need flannel (or flannel sheets) to stick your squares onto. Why does batting not work? It works for a few minutes and then the squares fall off.

Hey, check out this quilter's little studio her husband made her!!


Ok, so I wanted to make a quilting wall so I could put up the squares of my daughter's quilt so I could see everything at once and decide what other color combos I needed. So I go to walmart and pick up some batting to thumbtack to my wall. My squares kept falling off!

What am I doing wrong?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fabric Strips

This wave of intelligence washed over me this morning LOL I realized I should cut all of my fabric for the quilt into strips so when I am ready to work on it, I can just grab the three fabric choices I want and start working! This makes it so much easier!

My husband gave me a great tip while I was cutting the fabric with my rotary cutter. He said that the fold should be at the beginning of where I cut so I cut outward toward the open edge instead of cutting toward the fold since you push against the fabric upward slightly when you cut.

Anyways, I kissed him for his stroke of genius :o) He's also the one who showed me how I can get my 45 degree triangles for my 4 triangle squares off of my rectangular ruler instead of going and spending $12 on a triangle 98L ruler. Now Im cutting like a quilter! :o)

Fun & Funky

I bought a pattern the other day at the fabric store when I got my yummy fabric for my 9 yr olds quilt. The pattern is called Spring Fever by Fourth and Sixth Designs. I really dont like the color combinations they used for the quilt on the front of the pattern. The colors blend in too much together. They had the quilt at the fabric store put together in better colors, and because of that is the only reason why I purchased the pattern.

Last night I put together 2 squares of my 7 yr olds quilt. WOW it's such an easy square to do and it goes so fast I can have my daughters quilt put together in no time! I am using this same pattern for my other 2 daughter's quilts but in different colors.

Here are the two squares I finished last night:

My 7 yr old picked out the fabrics for her 3rd square which I will be starting on today. Funny, the weirdest designs that I wouldnt have picked otherwise really look good together in the squares!!

Now I need a quilting wall :D

In other news, Fritz has found himself a new napping place while I sew. Silly boy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!