Friday, February 29, 2008


The star squares are done!! I have the edging to do in light blue and dark blue strips, and then I have the border to do in the dark green. Pin it to batting and backing and quilt it!

What do you do when you have a huge quilt wider than the 44" width of fabric? Do you piece backing squares together?

Sewing Area

I was going blog hopping today and I noticed people posting photos of their ironing board and work area! Thankfully I had just cleaned off my sewing area last night when my friend came over. Haha, that reminds me - when ever I go around cleaning the house or do all of the dishes (or even if I just get dressed and look nice) my kids ask "is someone coming over?" or "are you going somewhere?" Guess Im that predictable! Anyhow, back to my work space. It was pretty messy yesterday with 3 projects going on at once! It feels nice to have an open clean area again. A messy workspace just turns me away from creating anything.

You cant have a true sewing area without your kitty around! Unfortunately, the only reason Fritz likes to be on my ironing board is so that he can play with the ribbon hanging down from my harlequin masks! Good thing we teach all of our cats/kittens the word no starting at 4 weeks old! Fritz has to have a harsh "NO!" and then he looks at me like "what did I do?". Otherwise, if it's a soft no, he'll keep doing it cause he thinks he's a spoiled kitty :o) which he is - but dont tell him I said so!

I keep the cup on my table for all of my thread ends or little scraps/trimmings of fabric. With a kitty around, you have to keep your work area and floor free from any thread! Dont want the kitties swallowing any - especially any nylon threading I think it is. Ever watch animal rescue shows? Scary!

Im off to make some more ohio star squares! Question, the quilting walls (or whatever they are called) - is that just some batting on the wall or is it something else?


I got some yummy new fabric today!! I got this fabric for my 9 yr old's quilt. The 4 pieces on the sides are the fabric I already had from a different fabric store, and all the squares in the middle are the new squares I got today. YUMMY!! I also bought the quilt pattern that Im going to use for all 3 girls quilts - same design/pattern, different fabrics.

I also finished 2 more star squares for my dad's quilt today. Only 3 more squares left to do!

Update on my hospital visits. Seems everything is ok! The pain was most likely from the fluid around my ovary, some of it leaking and irritating something inside that made my pain. I have 3 cysts on my right ovary with 1 on my left. Cysts are supposed to go away naturally. So all I have to do is just check in each year to get them checked out and make sure everything is still ok! I had pain last year from a cyst, so as long as it's only yearly then Im ok!

Thanks for the support!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yay! I got another square done yesterday for my sampler lap quilt that we are doing in quilting class! Im going to put together a page with each of my squares on it so we can see the progress and also the colors of the squares as they tie in together.

Here is the square that I so hurriedly made yesterday before class. I wanted to have it done so I could move onto the next square!

And another churn dash to match. I made the above square in colors that would pull in this square since I had done it previously but the colors didnt work right with my other squares I was doing. Now I found a way to tie it in!

Our next square is the morning star - evening star. I have already picked out my colors for it! We also learned that our next square after that is an applique square. So we learned about how to applique onto a square. I have had fun looking up designs! I think for us beginners, we're supposed to keep it very easy - but not me! I want to dive into it and try this one I think ~

with some colors to compliment my other squares. Too hard for a beginner? Our teacher showed us a few methods of how to applique onto a quilt square. Seems easy enough really! I will most likely use the zig zag stitch to attach it. I dont want to do some beginners one piece applique! I want the best! :o)

Long Day!

I had a bit of a scare today!! I woke up at 4:30 this morning because I was coughing a lot and my 5 yr old was awake and I didnt want to bother my husbands sleep since he had to get up in a couple of hours. So I went into the living room, took some robitussin DM for my coughing and hopped on the computer to look up applique designs. Soon after I took the tussin, I had a huge coughing fit and my right side started cramping up really bad. I tried to go back to bed at 7:30 for a couple of hours (I am so not a morning person!), but the kids kept waking me up. I was coughing again and this time I had a sharp stabbing pain at the top of my side below my ribs. The pain got really bad so at 8:30 I called my husband and told him. He told me to call the base hospital for an appt., I called my mom instead and asked her advice.

She had some ideas as to what it might be but told me that I really should go see the doctor. UGH I was tired and I didnt feel like getting up and going to the doctors! Well, base hospital referred me to Urgent Care. My husband got home and took me to urgent care. He checked where the pain hurt and told us to go to the hospital here in town for some blood tests and a CT scan of my abdomen. He said he wanted to rule out any possibility that it was my appendix. He told me not to eat anything before we get there. GREAT I hadnt yet had anything to eat that whole morning!

SO, we get to the hospital around 1pm, they draw some blood in my right arm. We go to CT and she gives me this huge bottle of contrast to drink. She added some crystal light fruit punch to "make it taste better" but it didnt. At this point Im still coughing and still getting the really sharp pain, almost unbearable pain, when coughing.

So, I had to sit in CT for 2 hours drinking this contrast which highlights certain areas of my body to make it easier to see everything when they do the scan. I was able to take my bathroom breaks as needed, but still could not eat anything.

So, I finally get in to have the scan at 3:30ish and they put an IV for more contrast in my left arm! So now I've gotten poked twice by a needle today and my left arm is the worst most painful vein I have. I wait for a bit, get the scan on my abdomen (which is MUCH better than having your head scanned! I had that done last year and it was just awful!), they did 4 scans total, then waited for 15 minutes after with the IV still in my arm to make sure I didnt have any reaction to the IV contrast. Nope, I was good to go!

We waited in the waiting room for about 10 minutes, and then the technician comes out and says to head back to Urgent Care. So we asked, it's not the appendix then? Because if it was, I would be staying there and not heading back to Urgent Care. She said we're all clear and my appendix is fine! YAY! But what was causing my pain?

So we get back to urgent care at 4pm, still no food but having to pee constantly. We sit in the room for a while, doc comes in and says the scan was clear for the appendix but it showed my ovary was enlarged and there was built up fluid around it. Oh great! So here we go, a pelvic exam! Lovely! He said I have a few cysts on my right ovary (which I went through last year - completely different pain this time), but that either my ovary had dropped which could be causing the pain, or that he was feeling a cyst and not my ovary which could also be the pain. OH and the fluid around my ovary could also be causing the pain!

I get dressed, we make an appt. for tomorrow to have an ultrasound done to see the ovary more clearly and look for anything else alarming. It's 5pm and we FINALLY get to go home.

Where did we go? Walmart! I was so hungry I could have figured out a reason to have every single pack of food in that store! We didnt have any milk, cereal, or bread (or cookies hehe), so we grabbed those. If we would have had cereal, I would have eaten a quick bite this morning!

Even better news? *sarcastically* I cant eat in the 8 hours before the ultrasound! My ultrasound is at 4:30pm, which means I have to fill myself up before 8:30 in the morning! Most days I dont get up until 9am from lack of sleep during the night! What did I eat today when I came home? Cookies on the drive home, and then cereal. And then I slept.

Im awake now and I think I will go get myself some more food, watch american idol and big brother, and then go to bed again. Not a happy 2 days here.

This post was supposed to be about the squares I made for my sampler lap quilt and it became all about my day today. Hopefully after about 5pm tomorrow I can relax easier. Oh, and did my pain go away? NO. Still got it. The doctor asked me if I wanted some pain meds for it. I asked if it would help when I cough, laugh, or anything else where I tighten my abdomen and make the pain shoot through me. NOPE, wont help that! I can handle the crampiness of my side during the day/evening. It's when I start my coughing fits that I have a big problem.

Ah well, anyways. If you've made it this far through my post then I commend you! Now Im going to start a new post and talk about the squares I've made!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Dolly!

I finished my second raggedy doll today! She smells like Vanilla *mmmm* and I love it! I did a strip work for her dress and left the edges unfinished to give her an older look. I did a double layer of hair to give it a fuller look. I wasnt too sure about the hair when I started, but you should always trust your instincts! After I set the ribbon in her hair, I knew I had made the right decision.

Because I brushed this new doll with coffee after she had already been tea dyed, she is darker than Shellie Ann.

My next doll will be hand drawn. I want her taller and maybe a rounder head. She is going to smell Vanilla yummy too! Vanilla is my favorite scent in almost everything. Candles, Bath and Body Works hand soap and lotion (Vanilla Sugar), body spray, and now dollies! I couldnt stop smelling her head as I was making her LOL

My Fritzy has found himself a new bed. He has gone in there for the last 2 days when he takes a nap. This is right next to my sewing table, and occasionally I will put some fabric in there while I work on something else. Fritz thought this made a GREAT bed and happily plopped himself down and slept.

Fritz is one of our boys that came from a litter in our cattery. We've had wonderful kittens who have all found wonderful homes, and one of our kittens has even earned awards for best kitten and best ragamuffin all around in shows. We have decided to close down our cattery for a few years so we can focus on buying a house when we move in May, and our children can do their activities without breaking the bank. Breeding is expensive! After 4 years and 4 litters, we need a break to focus on the family.

Fritz was my favorite from the beginning. He was the biggest and heaviest. He was going to be our future stud to breed with our other queen. Since we recently decided to close down our cattery, we fixed Fritz and he is now our loving pet. I just feel that because he was raised by us from birth (well, mommy kitty had some part in that too! :o) that he has much more of a connection with everyone in our family. He will let the girls pick him up in any position and carry him around. He will lay in bed at night with the girls for about 15 minutes before he heads back into the living room, and he and I play "peek a boo". Yes, laugh LOL but it's the cutest thing!!

He is very curious and is not afraid when he is taken to the vets. I will let him out of his carrier and hold him and he will watch the other people around us and watch the other cats and dogs with interest. He's our big boy, so be prepared that you may see a lot of his pictures in my posts. He likes hanging around me and when there's an opportunity, I grab the camera!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


My first prim doll! Though, she doesnt look too prim to me - she looks too cute to be prim lol. I'll have to do better next time with the prim look :o)

I painted and embroidered the other dolly head the same time I did this one, so I might add more dye to her face, arms, and legs to get her a bit darker. I still want my dollies to look nice, but not too nice!

I've named her ShellieAnn (Shellie for Chelle, and Ann cause she's a raggedy!). Let me know your thoughts on her! I was trying too hard to make each part perfect - perfect lines on her legs, her eyes perfectly round, her nose perfectly stitched, her dress hems finished, etc.

After I was done with her, I realized prim dolls arent supposed to be "perfect". Not horrible either, but a little more on the raggedy side.

Friday, February 22, 2008


My 7 yr old is NOT happy with me! I tea dyed her cherries fabric that was going to be on her quilt! *shame on me*

I thought it was the perfect fabric choice for my first ever annie doll. I only had half yard of it so I tea dyed it all!

Shellie Ann will be making her debut soon! She's still getting ready. :o)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Wow! I am loving all these blogs and websites I am seeing! I came across this website and saw her quilt rack with the primitive dolls on it. I thought "I want one!!" So I followed a link on her site to get to this site and I so fell in love with her dolls!! So my "I want one!!" dream was smashed when I noticed her dolls that I really liked were already sold! So I browsed her blog and her website even more, and decided to try my hand at making a raggedy doll myself! I purchased her pattern last night, then ran to the store today to pick up my supplies. I only hope I can do it justice! What a process to go through! - but I know it will be worth it when I have my own little annie prim in my arms and decorating my house!

Quilts and Annie dolls - and bunnies?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have done pretty much nothing today. I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. The last few days I had a sore throat but I thought I had it under control, then my voice went hoarse the day before yesterday and then yesterday my voice started going back to normal again, so I thought great! But I woke up this morning to sinus pressure, stuffy nose, coughing and sore throat.

I did get a couple of stuffies made for my swap partner at swapbot. We are only supposed to send one stuffie, but I took a look at my partner's flicker photo album and saw a purple nursery so I just HAD to make a purple bunny stuffy to match!

I got this pattern at

After making the first one, the other two were easy! I had a hard time with the first one, especially turning the ears right side out! But once I got it, it became much easier to do.

The one on the left was my first one, the other two are the ones I am sending to my swap partner.

Here they are together after I put on the eyes

I am going to add a little white tail (the little craft fuzzy ball things) - not in the pattern, and then I have to give them a mouth and they will be ready to head out to their new home!

Now my girls want me to make them some! Like they dont have enough stuffed animals already!?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Dad's Quilt

Ok, here is the beginning of making my dad's quilt. I started off with my fabric choices for the quilt I wanted to make him.

So then I found the ohio star square and really liked the way it looked!

So I designed how I wanted his quilt to look in my paint shop pro program. It took me 3 hours to get it right!!

Now when you see the squares I made LOL I messed up and put the red center in the blue star points. When I realized that I had done it backwards, I said "oh well!" (I was NOT taking it out when it looked so good!) and changed my colors around then what is shown in the pattern I made.

I finally realized that I should cut up all my squares first and then cut all of my triangles together and sew them one right after the other (still connected to save on thread - a trick I learned from my quilting teacher in class!), and then putting each square together after that was easy!

Here are the two strips when sewn together:

And then here is the most recent progress made. You can see in the left bottom corner, my points dont match up there. So looks like I will have to pull that piece out and reposition it to work right.

I only have two more strips to do and sew on, then my borders and Im done! I will be giving this to my quilting class teacher for her to quilt for me.

And then it's on to my next quilt - the fun one for my 7 yr old!! I may need help in deciding which square to do, or if I should do different squares to match her personality, with the different pinks and orange colors.

Cats and Quilts

This is what happens when you piece a quilt together on the floor! One (or all) of the kitties will come and "help" by laying on it. LOL

The quilt is the one I am making for my dad. I have to figure out how to get all of the square points/corners to match up when I join my strips!

Fabric & More Fabric!!

Uh oh, now Im getting started on a fabric stash! Wasnt enough that I have a huge yarn stash, but now Im getting a fabric one!! I love it though - hubby not so much LOL

Here is my first stash of fabric ~

Some of the fabric came from our quilting teacher, and the rest came from walmart when I wanted more color variety to make my log cabin square from.

As if that wasnt enough of a starter stash, I purchased some more fabric for my dad's quilt Im making him!

Oh, now I have designs and fabric color (and have even started purchasing the fabric!) ideas for my girls' quilts I want to make them when I am done with my dad's quilt! I made my dad a crochet afghan quite a few years ago. He used it up so much he said he's in need of another one! Well, since Im learning how to quilt, I thought it would be a nice surprise to make him one! I have a feeling the quilt will last longer than a crochet afghan any day!

So, my fabric stash just keeps growing and growing!

I picked these up for my 7yr old's quilt (she's a fun and funky girl and I wanted her fabric to reflect that as well):

I received this fabric in a fabric swap (I will post more about that later too!) which goes very well with the fabric for my 7 yr old:

We drove down to Ventura today and on the way back I wanted to check out a fabric store in Santa Barbara. Oh my, so many great wonderful fabrics!! But, I cut it down to only a few, much needed, fabric!

These colors are for my 9 yr olds quilt I want to make her. Her favorite color is blue, but I want her quilt to represent girlyness as well as being blue. So I found these!!

Oh, and then I picked up this fabric to go with my 7 yr olds quilt color stash!

I know there's no way Im done yet! I have a few more colors to pick for my 9 yr old. But I need to finish my dad's quilt before I start on any others! I dont want this to be like my crochet, a bunch of unfinished projects here and there. I want to make a quilt, finish it, and give it to the recipient in a well timely manner! Now hopefully that will happen! :o)

I'm Quilting!!

I LOVE quilting! My best friend and I started going to quilting class 3 weeks ago. We've been to 4 classes so far and we have really taken off!

I had always told myself that I would learn to quilt sometime in my 30's. I crochet mostly, then I learned to sew a few pieces of clothing. My friend called me and said there is a FREE quilting class right here in town! I was so excited! My birthday was in a couple of weeks, turned 30!, so for me - it was great timing!

We are learning different square designs. Our first square project was the Churn Dash. We are making a 4x4 lap quilt, with each square 12" finished. Well, my friend and I have a different plan in mind and will be making extra squares to get ourselves a full quilt!

Here is my first square made:

I was so happy with myself! I thought it turned out really really cute - until I went to class the next week and saw everyone else's! Mine looked really plain compared to theirs SO here is my next square I made which I am much happier with:

It goes much better with my log cabin square!

I got so excited with quilting, that I am making my dad a quilt now! I will post progress photos in another post. It's coming along quite well! Only 5 more star squares to create, then the border and Im done with the quilt top!