Thursday, April 10, 2008

A NEW Knitting/Crochet Holder!

I dont really use those really long knitting needles, so I thought I would make a smaller size for the needles and crochet hooks that I DO use. I also added more of the bigger pockets that I said I would be adding.

I love these fabrics! This one will be mine, definitely! I still have to add the ties to this one too, which I will do today. So, I call the other holder my large knitting/crochet holder, and this one my medium holder.

I have tons of fabric here, and these holders are a perfect way to use up that fabric! Also, I finally have a place to hold my needles so they dont get lost and I forget what size the circular needles are because I could never remember to put them back into the bag they came in (what a pain!). I do have a needle sizer somewhere around here. That will go into my holder once I find it as well.

This one is also padded with some batting. The pocket stitches are sewn onto the batting to cushion the pockets for the needles/hooks.

Time to put another holder together! Which one is the better size to make do you think? Im thinking the medium holder?

Knitting/Crochet Holder

I thought I had published this post a few days ago? But it's not showing up here, so I guess I will have to try posting it again!

April 8, 2008

I finally started sewing again yesterday! And I didnt stop until 3:30am this morning. Over doing it a little? :o) I have been wanting to create a knitting needle case/roll for a while now. Well yesterday my new set of needles came in the mail from, so that put me into action creating a needle roll!

I used fabrics that were on hand, measured my longest needles (who uses those these days anyways?) and made my first needle roll! I used thin batting for cushion, and all I have left to do on it is make the ties and sew the opening closed!

I have more fabric ready to go for my next roll!

I put the circular needle information in the pockets with the needles, to recall what size they are. I dont understand why the companies cant add a little something somewhere to the circular needles stating what size they are?

Since this is my first roll, Im already looking to improve my next one. I will have 9 bigger pockets (2 on the right on each pocket top to bottom for 6 big pockets, and 1 on the left for each pocket for 3 more big pockets). There's also room for my crochet hooks as you can see. But I need more of the bigger pockets since I am overlapping my circular needles, and I need room to put my measuring tape and scissors.

Yes, I plan on selling these. I cant understand why some people (on etsy) sell either a circular roll or a straight needle roll, and you are paying near $30 for each of them - instead of having 1 roll to hold both?