Friday, February 29, 2008


I got some yummy new fabric today!! I got this fabric for my 9 yr old's quilt. The 4 pieces on the sides are the fabric I already had from a different fabric store, and all the squares in the middle are the new squares I got today. YUMMY!! I also bought the quilt pattern that Im going to use for all 3 girls quilts - same design/pattern, different fabrics.

I also finished 2 more star squares for my dad's quilt today. Only 3 more squares left to do!

Update on my hospital visits. Seems everything is ok! The pain was most likely from the fluid around my ovary, some of it leaking and irritating something inside that made my pain. I have 3 cysts on my right ovary with 1 on my left. Cysts are supposed to go away naturally. So all I have to do is just check in each year to get them checked out and make sure everything is still ok! I had pain last year from a cyst, so as long as it's only yearly then Im ok!

Thanks for the support!!


Jules said...

Oh dear, you poor wee thing. At least it isn't too serious but bad enough still hey. I so hope you recover quickly. I quite like your squares well done. The materials you chose are beautiful too.


Teresa said...

Got to love new fabric and your selections are so sweet. I am happy that you found out what the problem was and not too serious, although when in pain, serious enough. Take care and stay healthy!