Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fun & Funky

I bought a pattern the other day at the fabric store when I got my yummy fabric for my 9 yr olds quilt. The pattern is called Spring Fever by Fourth and Sixth Designs. I really dont like the color combinations they used for the quilt on the front of the pattern. The colors blend in too much together. They had the quilt at the fabric store put together in better colors, and because of that is the only reason why I purchased the pattern.

Last night I put together 2 squares of my 7 yr olds quilt. WOW it's such an easy square to do and it goes so fast I can have my daughters quilt put together in no time! I am using this same pattern for my other 2 daughter's quilts but in different colors.

Here are the two squares I finished last night:

My 7 yr old picked out the fabrics for her 3rd square which I will be starting on today. Funny, the weirdest designs that I wouldnt have picked otherwise really look good together in the squares!!

Now I need a quilting wall :D

In other news, Fritz has found himself a new napping place while I sew. Silly boy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jules said...

Hi Chelle,
Hugs recieved thank you. Right back at you too. I love your quilt. It is going so well. I will have to post a pic of the bright quilt I am doing. Yes it is amazing how the weirdest of colours just go so well together. You know God is the best colour
co-ordinator. Just look at some of the sunsets he makes, pink,purple, red and really who would have put those colours together a few years ago. God was on to


devonaz said...

You are doing amazing for just starting out in the fabric choices and the quilt patterns are adorable...

animaluver said...

Hi. I love your blog. It is so cool. I hope you get better!