Thursday, March 6, 2008

Too many ideas!!

I have so many sewing ideas and not enough time in the day! I havent even finished one quilt yet and already Im thinking about more dolls, and even quilted purses/bags!

Im going to be starting my first bag tonight after I check out the fabric store, and yet while I wait to go I want to create another doll. But I have a dilemma - I cant seem to get off the internet!

Priorities Chelle LOL


Jules said...

Oh Chelle,
you sound just like me. It is frustrating isn't it? So many ideas so little time. If we didn't have to sleep we would get so much It is a long weekend here but I still won't have any time as each day has something booked in. Enjoy your weekend


Teresa said...

Join the club. I keep thinking when I retire I am going to jsut sew and sew and sew...but not sure I can wait that long.

Wendy said...

I am with you ... I am overwhelmed by ideas sometimes I feel stuck completely...I wish I could sew as my full time job!! :)

Jules said...

Hi Chelle,
just checking in to make sure you and your little family are ok. I know we don't have to blog everyday ( I sure don't) but I haven't heard from you for so long. Bigs hugs to you sweety.