Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fabric Strips

This wave of intelligence washed over me this morning LOL I realized I should cut all of my fabric for the quilt into strips so when I am ready to work on it, I can just grab the three fabric choices I want and start working! This makes it so much easier!

My husband gave me a great tip while I was cutting the fabric with my rotary cutter. He said that the fold should be at the beginning of where I cut so I cut outward toward the open edge instead of cutting toward the fold since you push against the fabric upward slightly when you cut.

Anyways, I kissed him for his stroke of genius :o) He's also the one who showed me how I can get my 45 degree triangles for my 4 triangle squares off of my rectangular ruler instead of going and spending $12 on a triangle 98L ruler. Now Im cutting like a quilter! :o)

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Jules said...

Thats great thinking Chelle. I should do that with my quilt too. But I just have too many projects on the go and I am confusing myself walking around in circles and not getting any of them How is your fathers quilt going?