Monday, March 3, 2008

Ok I Get It

After doing a google search for quilting wall and finding nothing, I went back to Barbara's blog to see what she called it. OH! It's a design wall! Makes sense :o) So I googled design walls and read some websites on it.

I see that you need flannel (or flannel sheets) to stick your squares onto. Why does batting not work? It works for a few minutes and then the squares fall off.

Hey, check out this quilter's little studio her husband made her!!


Joanna said...

In my quilt room I have hung up a cheap flannel backed vinyl tablecloth - you know, the kind that is only a couple of bucks at discount stores! Doesn't matter what the front looks like as it will be against the wall! I have a block on there right now that has been there for 3 months and hasn't fallen off!

pink and barbara said...


I used flannel on my wall. I think that works because it is a bit static. I also have foam under it we call it: frigolit. I don't know what it is called in English. But it is a white foam made out of small white balls pressed together. My husband made mine by making a wooden frame first. So the designwall is stuck to the wall by 4 large screws into the wooden frame. So if you need to take it of it just leaves 4 small holes.
Hope it helps...
Hugs Barbara