Thursday, September 15, 2011

MommaChelle Quilts is back! It's been a few years, and much has changed over those years! Divorce, moving to a different state (and coast!), getting re-married, finding myself again.

I've been doing a lot of sewing for my girls, and recently pulled out those old quilting squares and started quilting again! Im still a beginner, make quite a few mistakes, and learn along the way.

I invite you to journey along with me as I create more quilts, learn new techniques (like free form quilting), follow along with my first baste and binding, and more. I like to start out big and jump right into it, but Im learning that I really need to work small and go from there. I wanted to immediately create twin size quilts for my 3 girls, and while the quilt squares are going well, it's a big project to start with. I still have to learn the best way to baste the 3 layers together (pinning or spray? on the floor or on the wall?), make my own binding strip, and then machine bind the edges.

Yeah, maybe I'll make a few potholders before I attempt to finish this twin size quilt I started 3 years ago for my daughter!

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